The Blissful Birthday

On April 13th, 1992 at 9:53 AM a very important person was born, ME! Okay, okay, I’m definitely not that conceited. In fact, if you know me, you’ll find I’m quite the opposite.

It was such a busy, but blissful birthday! (That would explain why I haven’t been posting too much.)

I’m 24 now and honestly believe that this is the happiest birthday I’ve ever had. It’s different though. Birthday’s are changing. I can’t say for the better or that they’ve gotten worse for that matter. They’re just different. When you’re young, you have birthday parties and you look forward to all the cake and the abundance amount of presents your friends will most likely give you.

The older I get, yes I still want the cake and gifts are nice but, I want a different experience to come from each of them. I’m learning that my happiness comes from seeing others being happy. I’m not as self centered as I used to be and of course when you’re a child it’s natural to have that “all about me attitude.” But now, instead of wanting a cake that’s all about me, I want a cake everybody can enjoy and instead of wanting gifts to satisfy my “want” for something, I want stuff that can’t be bought. For example: I want my husband to be okay, I want my grandmother to feel loved, I want people to be happy and to enjoy life. Okay, now I’m sounding like my head is in the clouds so we’ll move forward!

My husband surprised me when he walked in the door the night before my birthday holding a huge present filled with everything I’ve been wanting: A nice yoga mat, a pair of jogging headphones, and a cute teddy bear I named Kobe. But wait, there was one more surprise…I’ll get to that later!


The next day (my birthday) started off on a really “bad foot” to which we wont get into, but let’s just say I spilled coffee everywhere, dropped a mason jar that shattered all over the place, and some lady ran us off the road. Ha! Kevin dropped me off at my parents so I wouldn’t have to spend the day by myself. (So sweet.) Lunch was spent at Taco Bell. (Is it sick that it’s one of my favorites?) They mistakenly made my tacos with cheese instead of NO cheese, and they felt so bad they made me three new ones! Good job Taco Bell, way to up your customer service! *applause*


My Mom and Grammie then took me to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” which was super cute in case you were wondering. My mom made my favorite meal she used to make when I lived with them, which was teriyaki chicken stir fry. Now you know where I get my love for stir fry! Next up? CAKE! And what a surprise that was. My Mom made a gluten free cake and put the delicious dessert into mason jars, and to accompany the cake, mason jar Rice Krispie treats!

My mom has this special thing that she does and I know she’s the root of where my love for parties and events came from. Every year she comes up with something I’m really into at the moment to theme my birthday around. It’s been anything from The Lion King movie to polka dots and each year she never disappoints. So naturally, since I’ve really been into mason jars, *BOOM!* Mason jar everything and it was so special to me.


Gluten free cake in individual serving sizes within mason jars. Aren’t they adorable?!



After we had our fill of delicious cake and teriyaki, I opened an abundance amount of gifts (mostly mason jar kitchen accessories, YAY!), I was then reunited with my hubby. Boy, did he have a surprise for me. Are you ready for this?! He got me tickets to see CARRIE UNDERWOOD this November! Ah! Talk about a great way to end a birthday. I would say it was a very blissful birthday indeed.

Now, back to blogging about important stuff! 😉

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