So, Your Wife’s a Blogger?

Kevin came home from work one night saying how the owners of the company he works for made the comment, “So, your wife’s a blogger?” Why, yes, yes I am. The next thing he told me was that they actually liked reading my blog. What?! (I’m pretty sure I dropped my fork as we were eating dinner.) Not only were they reading it, but they liked it? I’ve never been told that within the three months of my blogging journey. I was baffled and let me tell you a brief story as to why.

I came up with the idea of blogging back in the beginning of January 2016 when I had decided hubby told me I could quit my job. Until now, I never used to read blogs (honestly, had no idea as to what it was other than just a bunch of words), I didn’t know what owning a blog would entail, nor did I think I would ever have my hands in this so called “blogging business.”

It all started when I had this urge to read things during my down time. I was tired of seeing political battles on Facebook, and cutesy quotes on Tumblr. I instead wanted to read more about the world. I wanted to get inside people’s heads. More importantly, I wanted to learn something. I wanted to read about life hacks and “how to’s,” to get more in depth of why people believe what they believe, I wanted to be inspired, I wanted to see the same things but hear about them from different perspectives. Not only did I discover all those things, but I stumbled into the viscous cycle of making myself envious of the people who constantly post their pictures of traveling the world. Seeing more pictures and listening to the travelers tell their stories created this thirst for more.

(By the way in case you’re wondering, I tend to call reading blogs “listening” because when you read a good blog, most of the time it tends to be explained from a personal point of view. I have found that usually people’s personalities begin to shine through the words and I listen to them as if they’re a telling a story.)

Everything just clicked when I found homemaking posts on WordPress. Posts about cooking and cleaning hacks led me to blogs, which lead me firsthand into people’s worlds. I loved how I became completely immersed within these people’s lives. It was like reading a book. A biography per-say about a non-famous person living the normal life just as you and I are, and let me tell you, it’s very interesting. When you find people you can relate to, people who tell it how it is, or explain things in a whole new light you never even thought of before, it’s almost exciting. I wanted more and more until eventually it got to the point to where I wanted to share my world, my views, my how to’s, my opinions. And that’s exactly what I did.

I’m still new within this blogging world, but from the few months I’ve been involved, I’ve learned that blogging is so much more than just writing a few paragraphs down about the normality of life. I’m discovering it’s therapeutic to express thoughts and feelings. I’m on my thirty-sixth post and I’ve already learned so much. I’ve escaped into this world that’s my own except instead of just writing about the mundane experiences of life, I’m inspired. Inspired to do more, to see more of the world, I want to read books (If my mom is reading this, I’m sure she just fell out of her chair because anybody who knows me, knows that I despise reading.), and I have this new desire to learn more about cultures, philosophy, God…the list goes on.

I’m starting a series called: “The Who, What, When, Where, and Why’s of Blogging.” I’m going to show you who to follow, what to do in order to get started, when you should post and how to do it, where to look to get involved and get inspired, and why I do it. Hopefully you’ll be able to be inspired not to read or write, but to live your life to the fullest. Which is what I’m currently learning how to do.

When I started this whole process back in January, I blogged for myself and while I still do, as I grow I want others to enjoy my reading as well. When you become this blogger you want to share your thoughts and feelings on the world and you want other people to like it, but most people don’t take the time to read what you have to say. So when people actually do, I tend to be taken back. It’s an accomplishment. A good feeling. Maybe only fifty people read my blog but you never know if they actually like it or take something from it, because most people read things and keep it to themselves.

Here’s my advice to you. If you read a blog or follow a blogger, that’s great! Tell them you love it, tell them you want to hear more. It’s encouraging to hear positive things and even polite criticism is welcomed. If you’re looking to start your own blog or want to know more, stay tuned. I’ll help get you started on the right foot! 🙂

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  1. I am happy to report that I did not fall out of my chair. Great job and so happy that you’ve been bitten by the love bug of reading. 🙂


    1. Hahaha… Yeah, some people don’t understand the significance of blogging and what it means to us bloggers. Funny! Thank you, I like your blog as well! Thanks for reading 🙂

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