Six Months Into Our Marriage


As of June 2nd, 2016 (today!) my husband, Kevin, and I will have been married for six months! Time is flying by. It seems like just a short while ago we were standing under a tree in a beautiful park, shaking with excitement, as we were promising each other that we’d stick by each other’s side forever.

The past six months has been what seems like an endless roller-coaster of events. Some joyous while others have been a rough struggle. We never thought that coming home from our honeymoon meant we’d be taking on more than what some people call “adulthood.”

We have been through so many obstacles, hard times and have endured some new struggles that we are STILL learning how to cope with. Back in February and then leading into March, Kevin was in and out of the ER for what we thought were heart problems and while he does have an off heartbeat, it was not the final answer we received. Along with suffering from computer vision syndrome, Kevin has been diagnosed with panic and anxiety disorder.

We’re not talking anxiety like most people have (including me) where they get a little dizzy, feel overwhelmed, or that feeling you get when you get a strong desire to leave a crowded room. No, Kevin’s anxiety is so bad that he felt like there was a rhino sitting on his chest, he got so dizzy from his head spinning that he couldn’t stand up straight, his blood pressure sky rocketed, and the amount of sweating he did was enough for you to think he just ran a 5k. I was up with him all hours of the night for months as sleep did not exist. The amount of walks we did at 4:00 AM was astronomical. It seemed as if everything we tried between exercise, breaks from the computer, walks, meditating, beach trips, you name it, none of it was working.

He has never ever experienced something like this before and seeing my husband go through this hard time was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced. Learning how to communicate and go through this together was a struggle, but nevertheless, we’re making it!

Doctor’s visits, and some medication have been helping slightly. But figuring out how to cope with this has been quite the tiresome and unwanted adventure that we were not expecting especially so soon within our marriage. We like to think that God has a sense of humor. When life gets too boring He likes to throw something unexpected within the mix just to keep us on our toes. It’s a ton of fun. 😉

So let’s see, we got married December 2, 2015, had a lovely two week honeymoon, I quit my job in January, Kevin’s health problems began, I started blogging, and we began a new adventure of strictly saving money in order to travel frugally and a few other things not worth mentioning. Boy, I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot for two people to go through within a six month span.

Alas, due to all of the hardships and everything we’ve been through, we have agreed that our marriage has grown stronger. We have learned more about each other, we have seen each other breakdown, we have seen each other cry, we’ve let our anger get the best of us, but one thing’s for sure; because of the hard times, we have never felt a greater bond between the two of us.

We’re each other’s best friend, we love each other more than anybody else, we’re each other’s “go to” for anything and everything, and because we’ve learned so much about one another during these past few months, we seem to instinctively know how to help one another deal with stressful situations. How to cheer each other up, how to redirect a depressing mood into a more positive one, and how to see the best in one another when we’re at our worst.

As you well know, I’ve written about how tired I am all the time, and I’ll admit these past six months have been trying and exhausting to the point of me having my very own meltdowns. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have traded my life with anybody even when it felt like all was lost. Even when my patience was tested day in and day out. I wouldn’t want to be anybody’s wife but Kevin’s. I love being married, but more importantly, I love being HIS wife. I love our adventures, I love the time we spend together, I even love it when we’re apart because we realize just how much we need each other and how much we appreciate one another.

We are very much complete opposites (ask anybody, they’ll tell you!), but we have figured out that our opposites are what make us attracted to one another. It’s what makes us unique and each of us make up for what the other lacks. Our arguments make us wiser, our tears make us more aware, and our laughter strengthen what’s already established. I’d say we fit together like two awkward puzzle pieces but our hearts seem to beat as one and our chemistry is undeniably wonderful.

Being married is a beautiful thing, but being married to the right person, ah. Now that’s what makes all the difference.



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