Our Canadian Adventure Part 4

Only two more posts left to our Canadian adventure! I’ve had a great time reliving the memory of visiting Quebec but I’m ready to move on. After all, I have lots of planning to do before our next adventure comes along.

One of my most favorite things to do whenever I visit a new place is to see the aquarium native to the particular city, state, or country we happen to be in. So naturally, when Kevin offered to take me to the Quebec aquarium I happily agreed. It was definitely a unique experience as I’ve never been immersed in a place where the polar bears, walruses, seals, etc. could be outside and not have to be fully enclosed due to the heat of a particular state (such as Florida). The polar bears that you see below are enclosed apart from the ceiling which was left completely open.

The arctic foxes were absolutely adorable and if you are following my Snapchat I’m sure you heard my over-the-top cooing going on in the videos.

The inside part of the aquarium was the only place we could find warmth and to my disbelief, I enjoyed the outside exhibits more so than the inside. It was probably the smallest aquarium I had ever been to so I was a tad bit disappointed. Either way, it was an experience!


The seal show was nothing compared to Sea World and naturally, it was all in French, so we left half way through.  

Kevin has never “pet” a sting ray before and it must have taken him close to 20 minutes before he would even stick his hand in the water.

As soon as Kevin finally put his hand in the water to touch the sting ray, this bird squawked like you wouldn’t believe. It scared us half to death! I about dropped my phone in the water. We scurried out of there so fast I’m not even sure if Kevin got to experience the full effect of petting a stingray. Oh well, at least it gave us a few laughs. 🙂

Our next stop was the Laurier Quebec Mall. We loved this mall so much that we went twice during our week in Quebec. There was an entire theme park inside including an ice skating rink and even a good old fashioned Walmart. Highly recommended!

If you look closely, you can see the roller coaster track which went around the ice skating rink.

Naturally we found the bowling section. This is when we discovered that duck pin bowling is extremely popular and rather common in Canada. In fact we found this little arcade bowling set up which peaked our interest in finding an authentic duck pin bowling alley and given our background in bowling, we were pretty excited to have found this type of alley.

Duck pins are attached to strings. It was a lot quieter than a normal bowling alley and every time I rolled the ball, it felt more like I was playing skee-ball than bowling.

Fun fact, did you know that Quebecers are obsessed with mayonnaise? Just about every restaurant we visited had their own unique mayo. Les Trois Garcons was one of my favorite dinner restaurants we visited. If you don’t get to do anything I’m recommending during a trip to Quebec, you must try their chicken. I’m not sure what it is, but Canadians really know how to cook their chicken.

I’m not a fan of mayonnaise but I have to admit house-made mayo is actually pretty good.


To be continued…

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