My Absence is Nothing Short of Dishearting

When I first started immersing myself within my blogging hobby, I didn’t realize how much I would love it. Just like when I was purposely unemployed I never thought I would actually find a way to make money by writing online from home in my pj’s. While you can make boo-koo money by blogging, it is obviously not an instant money maker. For most, it takes months years to be able to make enough money to where you don’t need a job.

Alas, I got greedy in that wanted to take vacations NOW and in order to do so it required an extra income. So, instead of waiting out my blogging hobby to see where it would go, I decided to take on a job. Even then I wasn’t happy with how much I was making, so when an opportunity popped up to where I could work a second online job, I eagerly accepted.

This leads me to the now. I am constantly overwhelmed, but I will say that I am working harder than I ever did. I have learned that I am incredibly self-disciplined and I’ve even been able to keep up with my exercising routine. However, I have not been able to keep up with dinners, taking care of our home, or sleeping. haha This is where hubby comes in; he has jumped in and helped me so much and I am extremely grateful for that.

It is to be determined just how long I can keep up with this weekly routine. I’m going to play it out for a few more weeks, but I have decided that I want my blog to stay. I do not, under any circumstance, want to lose sighting of my blogging goals. Therefore, if there comes a time within a few weeks to where I cannot keep up with everything, one job will have to go so I can continue on with my blog as my absent from writing has personally been nothing short of disheartening.

This post was uploaded just as a little update so that you know where I am, why I have been mostly absent and where I plan to be within the next few weeks. I want to get back to writing a few posts a week and that’s just what I plan to do. Just bare with me for the next month or so as I gain a perspective on what I want my routine to be.

Thanks for reading! Love ya’ll!



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  1. Good on you for recognizing your limits! Reminds me so much of your “I Can’t Always Be Superwoman” post, which inspired me to write about learning to say “no” to commitments. It’s so hard when saying “yes” to one more thing sounds so good for so many reasons, but I think you’ve figured out the key is to prioritize the things you care the most about, and find a balance.

    I totally agree that writing a blog, having a job (or two!), and taking care of all the little things around the house is super overwhelming! I’ve noticed myself how all my exercise goals have fallen by the wayside, so I hope you’re celebrating that win, it’s one of the easiest things to let slip!

    Keep up the valiant effort! Looking forward to continuing to read your thoughts.

    1. I have this habit of wanting to take on too much in order to get somewhere in life. Where, that I don’t know. My husband has to constantly remind me that I have to slow down and enjoy the moment. However, it’s not in my nature to do so and when I notice things falling behind (my blog), I tend to panic. Panic then leads to me upsetting and frustrating myself. This then leads to me writing posts about how overwhelmed I am.

      You’re exactly right, I need to say no to some stuff! I have such a hard time saying no. Ah, balance, that’s what I’m currently trying to find in life. I’ll figure it out one way or another, I’m sure of that. 🙂 Exercise is one of my favorite things so I wouldn’t say I’m celebrating, rather I’m prioritizing by favoritism or by what what is going to generate the most income. Because who doesn’t like money?! haha

      Thank you for your comment, it is very much appreciated! I’m headed over to check out your blog right now! 🙂



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