Taking An Interest In Your Husband’s Activities

basketball-166962Basketball, football, hockey, baseball, video games… *Yawn*  Yes, I’m that girl. The one who is not a fan of any sport (other than horseback riding), but pretends to care and eventually becomes a bandwagon fan.

I know, I know bandwagon fans get a bad rap, but I do it for some very important reasons.

I discovered a very long time ago, when I first started dating, that by not taking an interest in what my boyfriends had cared about, well, it created a problem. I used to get annoyed. I couldn’t understand how guys (and girls too) would get so hyped up over a ball being thrown around. Who cares. 

As I got older and am now married, I see how important it is to take an interest in your husband’s activities. Also, and more importantly, it can be fun! (That’s right, I said it. Fun, enjoyable.) 

I realized how important it was when my husband first noticed me watching something about horses and said, “Hey, what are you watching, let me see.” I was shocked at first. He wanted to watch something with me, something he could care less about. But he did it because it’s important to me.

Do I care that an important football player got drafted into his team? No. Do I care that the Orlando Magic are up by 20 points? No, not really. Do I care that the new GTA video game is out? No, absolutely not. Does he care? Oh, he’s ecstatic!

You see, you don’t have to actually care about what he’s talking about, but you do need to care about him and what he’s passionate about. Why? Because when I show an interest whether it be about a sports team or new gaming system, it means a lot to him. I feel if something is important to my husband then it should be important to me, because it makes him happy and when he’s happy, I’m happy. (It sounds silly but it’s completely true.)

Try it sometime. Maybe it’s fishing, a boxing match, or whatever it may be, the next time your husband strikes up a conversation about something you find boring, listen to him, ask questions, seem intrigued. (If you’re like me, you might actually find yourself becoming intrigued for real.)  You’ll find yourself creating this bond, he’ll talk to you first instead of his buddy, and you’ll discover you have gained this unbreakable friendship with your husband.

Ready for the next step? The next time he wants to go to a hockey, basketball, or any type of game, ask to go with him. I’m serious.

Now some guys like doing things on their own. My husband’s thing is jogging. That’s his thing he does by himself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask how his run was. Some guys like fishing by themselves, respect that. But if he doesn’t mind you tagging along, try it! It could be a way of bonding and enjoying each others interests. Who knows, maybe it’ll become one of your favorite hobby’s as well.

I have found that I actually enjoy going to basketball games. I find it exciting! I mean with all the pumped up fans, the adorable mascot, and yummy food, it’s hard not to like it. When the Solar Bears score, the theme song makes me want to jump up and dance, and I find myself encouraging fights along with fans during hockey games.

NOTE: Bringing along friends who love the sport make it even more fun (and entertaining to say the least)!video-games-925929

I have found that one of my favorite things to do with my husband is to sit next to him on the sofa. While he plays a video game and I scroll through Pinterest we talk about anything and everything. My love language is quality time so it becomes a win/win, because we get the chance to catch up and he has the opportunity to unwind while he plays his favorite game.

So the next time his favorite team is playing on TV, join him. Ask questions about what’s happening, you might actually find yourself becoming more than just a bandwagon fan. You might become a true die hard fan. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but you get what I mean. 🙂

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