Our Short, but Sweet Trip to St. Augustine – Day 3

Kevin and I have this “thing” that once we get towards the end of a trip, we just want to head home and get there as fast as humanly possible. I have silently figured out why; it’s to get the disappointment over with and we figure if we get home fast, we just might skip the depressing feeling you get of a vacation ending altogether.

Our last day in St Augustine was filled with seeing last minute odd and end stuff.


The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

The Cathedral Basilica is gorgeous! Although I was picturing it to be more authentic and monolithic, it was still beautiful. You have to be extremely quiet as there are always people going in to pray.


This sign was posted right outside the Cathedral and while I’m not a Pokemon fan, I got a huge kick out of this! 


Old Drugstore

Something I recommend checking out is the Old Drugstore. It’s not very large, but all the drugs and medicines you see behind the case are authentic. Everything left within the bottles are all from an era gone by. It won’t take long to see it everything, but it was well worth the trip if you enjoy viewing things from long ago.

There was a place called The Kookaburra which is an extremely tiny cafe serving fancy coffees and, according to my sister-in-law, the most amazing Aussie pies.  We tried to get some before we hit the road, but they weren’t serving “lunch pies” until two hours later so we had to pass. Maybe next time!

Overall our trip was nothing short of incredible! We had perfect timing for everything, beautiful weather and the most amazing experiences. We will definitely be back and we absolutely recommend visiting, but until then it’s time to count down to our next trip…..PRAGUE!

Did I mention it’s only 1 month and 20 days from now?! 😀

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