Our Story

12400965_10207578711562223_7789407229787534754_nKevin would be the name of my beloved husband. He is my best friend, my loyal companion, and the love of my life. He tends to make the days a little bit better, he finds humor in all that he does, and is one of the best listeners you will ever find.

You can learn more about how my husband and I met as well as his proposal here: https://www.theknot.com/us/ashlyn-stephan-and-kevin-long-dec-2015

On December 2nd, 2015 Kevin and I had a very small wedding held at a park in Lake Lily. We decided to spend all of our money on the honeymoon instead of having an elaborate wedding. We originally booked a honeymoon in Europe involving Brussels, Paris, and Germany but due to the attacks that were happening two weeks before we were supposed to leave, we had to cancel the trip. I know, very sad, very sad indeed. I do hope one day as a vow renewal, we will get to have a barn reception like I have always wanted and then we will have the opportunity to fly to Europe, but until then I will be forever grateful of the special day that I had to marry my best friend.

Click the link for a short video of our wedding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8j7O7dvtWE&feature=youtu.be





Our dinner was held in Disney Springs at Raglan Road (Yummy, Yummy!), and the reception was held in Epcot. Celebrating with us were our friends and coworkers. Let me tell you, they know how to have a good time.

The best part? Our marriage license was signed in Epcot Paris!!



Our honeymoon was split up into three different places! (How lucky were we?) We had a suite right next to Disney so we could crash after Epcot. And when I say “we” I meant Kevin, myself, along with friends who came back with us to keep partying. While our friends kept having a good time, Kevin and I were out like a light. We woke up early the next morning to take our marriage license down to the office to be submitted for approval, woke our friends up and went to see Disney’s Osborne Lights one last time. Kevin has taken me to see the lights every year since we’ve been together so it was very hard to know that this was the last year. (I’m obsessed with Christmas lights.)


December 2013


December 2014


December 2015

After saying goodbye to our lovely suite we headed home to pack for our cruise. It wasn’t time to rest yet though! That night we attended a bowling charity event with some more friends and in turn for going they promised to help us pack for attending the event with them. By this night we were exhausted.

RISE AND SHINE! We woke up early the next day to head down to Fort Lauderdale to climb aboard a Celebrity Cruise ship. We spent seven days aboard this lovely vessel. We tanned, slept a lot, ate, ate some more, met some new friends, had deep discussions in a fancy wine room every night, discovered we enjoy a good sweet Riesling, found a place to bowl with some friends, and admired every island. San Juan was probably the most gorgeous place I’ve been to during a cruise ship vacation and we look forward to going back one day.

honeymoon honeymoon2 honeymoon3 honeymoon4 honeymoon5

We had one night at home before leaving for our next stop, Tennessee!! It was a long drive (I had caught a cold so I slept most the way, poor hubby) but so worth it. The cabin was gorgeous, the weather was cold but beautiful, and we found so many fun things to do it was hard to leave. Between the aquarium, Dixie Stampede, new restaurants, watching Kevin spend an hour playing with bubbles in Wonderworks, seeing not one, but two movies in the best movie theater ever, walking around downtown Gatlinburg almost every night, trying blackberry wine, hiking a couple of times at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, eating at the best taco joint, visiting the largest Christmas store I’ve ever seen, and seeing snow, it was just wonderful.

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