I Unwillingly Took on a New Role

I love my jobs. That’s right, not job, jobs. I think the older I’ve gotten the more jobs I have unwillingly taken on.

I am first and foremost a wife to the best-est, most greatest, fantastic, all lovable, friend and spouse. And just so you know, my husband will ALWAYS be better than yours. There’s no comparison or competition when it comes down to my husband and best friend. I love being a wife. I’ve always dreamed of the day I would be somebody’s bride and since that day, I’ve never been happier.

However, being a wife comes with many jobs and tasks that I feel as if I’m undeniably unqualified for. Nevertheless, Kevin seems quite happy that he choose me and I truly reciprocate all the warm and fuzzy feels. In my eyes, being a wife is like being a caretaker, a comforter, a source of laughter, a form of love, and being full of constant, honest support. It’s exhausting, but rewarding.

Within all those little tasks I try my hardest to portray, I also take care of our home. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, that’s all me baby! I make sure the husband has breakfast, lunch and dinner. That he’s sleeping enough, has clean clothes to put on everyday and a made bed to crawl into. Okay now I feel as if I’m talking like a 1950’s wife, and you get the gist of what I’m saying, so let’s move on.

Along with being a wife, I have the pleasure of being a mom to two happy-go-lucky pups who love to destroy our house. It’s a fun game of relentlessly repeating myself. It’s like having toddlers who don’t talk. Feeding, walking, playing, you know, making sure those dogs have a good life is another job to add onto my useless resume.

Another job I have surprisingly taken a liking to is blogging. I LOVE it. When I’m at work, cleaning, out with friends, talking to my husband, searching through social media, in the pool, on a run, you name it; I am thinking and pondering over my blog. Everything inspires me to write nowadays. I used to despise writing in school, but now that I have taken up this blogging “job” on my own terms, I will willingly admit that I wholeheartedly enjoy this permanent adventure. I am full of commitment to succeed my low standards and intend on surprising myself with how far I can make it. I have thoroughly enjoyed this job.

To add on to my resume, I have a new part time job at a bowling alley. It’s been fun and something to do which has been a breath of fresh air as it has gotten me out of the house some. Maybe it’s just me, but while I love being a housewife, it’s rather a welcoming change when I can get out of the home environment and socialize with people.

Okay, so let’s see, I’m a wife, caretaker, friend, companion, hostess, party planner, blogger, chef, maid, dog walker, and I pretend to be outwardly enthusiastic about bowling for all the regulars who come to bowl. I don’t care what you say, that’s still a job. I know what you’re thinking, what else can I possibly add?!

Since When Did I Become a Mom?

Okay, so I did not sign up for this job. Of course I want to be a mom someday, but I’ve only been married for six months! Give me a break, we want to travel first. (Lucky for us, this is coming soon!) I guess I haven’t become a mom per-say, but I am definitely viewed as a motherly figure more so now than ever before. I feel as if I’m getting old. Ever since I can remember I’ve been the girl people come to for advice on what do with anything and everything going on in their lives. I’m not sure if it’s because I portray myself as a good listener or if I’m actually giving “grand” advice that is helping people with their day to day struggles.

Either way, I’ve noticed a change. A rather surprising change. Instead of just listening to these people, I actually CARE. Not so much as a “Oh, I hope everything works out and your life is great!” type of thing, but rather I’m worrying about these “kids” who are coming to me for advice. I say kids, but they’re actually teenagers, yet they seem so young. I was talking to a teenager the other day, and I could just tell this person was struggling and I felt as if I was being more motherly rather than portraying myself as a friend.

As we were talking I was visualizing myself when I was 18. How young minded I was and how I probably needed a lot of advice from somebody older as well. I’m now 24 and I feel the most grown up I’ve ever felt. Obviously. I know when I’m thirty or forty I’ll look back on my twenty-something self and think, “Wow, I was so young.” But for now I feel grown up and to teenagers I seem a lot older. I’m sure being married definitely helps tack on some age. Either way, I all of a sudden feel as if I’m a mother. That I care about these “kids” that are either struggling or asking for advice. It’s an odd place to be and I’m not 100% sure I like being seen as this type of person because I don’t want to get attached or give bad advice.

I honestly don’t know why all of a sudden I’m caring about all these kids. All of a sudden I feel this need to pray for them. And that’s just what I intend to do. I’ve never felt this way before and I like to think that perhaps God is using me to help them in some sort of way. I’m still unsure, but while I’m sharing my story, I’m also asking for advice from all of you. This feeling or “job” I’ve taken on, has been against my will. I don’t like having more troubles and worries on my shoulders. I’m exhausted but I also know that God never gives us more than we can handle, therefore, I will try my hardest to be the best motherly friend to these kids as I possibly can.

As you grow up do you subconsciously take on a motherly role or is it self induced? Is it inevitable that the older you get, the more “kids” start to view you as a mom? What do you do when younger ones come to you for advice?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how many jobs we take on just to function in the American society? Imagine adding the host of “mom” responsibilities in a few years–cooking, cleaning, wiping, driving, feeding, patting, burping… the list goes on and on!

    1. It’s insane! Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with it all. Oh goodness, I know, I’ve thought about that some. It’s gonna be crazy, but crazy fun. 🙂



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