How I Cut My Grocery Bill In Half

I have exciting news! Are you ready??

Remember from my postAffording Your Dreams when I was talking about how I wanted to cut my grocery bill in half? (Sounds unrealistic doesn’t it?)
vegetables-140917Well peeps, I reached that goal within only one week! I went from spending $120 a week at various stores and last week I went to Aldi, and got everything I needed for $50.33! *fireworks* That includes produce, meat, dairy products, household items, and everything to stock my pantry. I even tossed a few gluten free items in the cart.
All the items I bought will be enough to make 21 meals. I am SO happy. Hubby is even happier! The best part? I didn’t even try to limit the amount of variety, nor did I plan for tons of left overs. Almost every meal out of the 21 meals will be a new dish on the table.
Do keep in mind that Aldi doesn’t have everything you might be looking for. For example: They carry toothpaste and soap, but it’s only one brand. So if you’re picky about the brand you prefer, you may have to hit another store.
Trust me though, it is so worth it to buy the majority of your stuff at Aldi. Unlike Walmart, I’ve never had a problem with Aldi’s produce. Some of it is organic (yes, organic), but all of it is in beautiful shape and lasts for quite awhile.
strawberry-361597They had strawberries when I visited last for $1.96, yes, $1.96 and they were the prettiest looking (and tasting) strawberries I’ve ever seen. Sometimes I wonder how Aldi can get away with selling everything so cheaply!
I also found a new app that you can earn money from: Receipt Hog. You can upload ANY receipt and it will give you coins. Earning these coins will allow for you to earn money right in your pocket.
  • $5 is equivalent to 1,000 coins
  • $10 = 1,800
  • $20 = 3,200
  • $30 = 4,500

It’s definitely worth checking out!

What about you? Have any money saving tips that I can try? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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