I Guiltlessly Took a Week Off

I have mentioned many times within my blog stating that I LOVE writing. I love my blog, I love working on it, I love the research that’s involved, the amount of marketing it takes, I love spending time on it, period. When I was a full time housewife, my absolute favorite thing was sitting down to blog with my cup of coffee after my husband left for work.  As inspiration came to me, I let my fingers fly on the keyboard. “The Blissful Mrs.” shortly became all consuming as I spent around eight hours a day pouring my heart into my blog.

Once I started my current job and my husband’s health went downhill, things drastically changed. My time with my husband became my #1 priority, my current job became #2, and having to keep up with meal planning, working out and housewife “duties” followed shortly behind. Before I knew it blogging got pushed further and further towards the back burner. I can’t explain how upset I am by not being able to focus more time on my blog and how bummed out I am by not being able to keep up with everything without feeling overwhelmed.

I have mentioned before that I’m extremely tired and exhausted, blah blah blah. So is the rest of the world, therefore enough complaining out of me. I have taken this past week off and while I’m not pleased with the decision, I have decided to not beat myself up over it.

I sat down last night and decided that I needed to write something! It’s been five days since I even logged into my blog. Shame on me, I know. As I began to regain my thought process from where I left off, I came to a conclusion that the break I took was much needed. The only reason I could spend eight hours a day on my blog was due to the fact that keeping up with our home was my only job. Now I have a lot more on my plate and I’m stressing myself out.

It’s not just the blog though, it’s so much more. I’ve been stressing about everything. Exercise is making me more fatigued rather than making me feel more energized. Cooking is turning into a tedious chore. Even taking the dogs out for a walk seems like the end of the world. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Orlando has been suffering through a lot of depressing events. Maybe it’s that my husband is still going through a lot or maybe it’s because I’m not home as much as I used to be which leads to me feeling as if I’m falling behind on my cleaning, cooking and housework.

Instead of beating myself up for not sitting down to blog more then I should, for getting mad at myself that the kitchen has dishes piling up, or simply for getting upset that I seem to always feel tired, I instead am going to try to take a breather. As a friend once told me, “Give yourself some grace.” The more I thought about it, the more I began to believe she was right.

It’s okay to take some time and just lay on the couch. It’s okay to fall behind on house duties. It’s okay if you just don’t feel like cooking. Take a breather. Take a time out. Your mind and body will thank you. So instead of feeling guilty that I haven’t posted any blog posts, that my kitchen floors need a good cleaning, and that we’ve been eating leftovers for the past three nights, I will pat myself on the back for setting time aside for myself. Not just for my physical self but for the sake of my emotional wellness too. Because I took a break, I am ready to begin this upcoming week feeling more organized!

Pay attention to yourself, sometimes you need to take time off from everything. Now that I’m back to blogging I feel refreshed and ready for what the near future holds! 🙂

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