I Can’t Always Be Superwoman

I’ve been working as an event coordinator/administrative assistant/front desk helper/customer service junkie/popcorn specialist/bumper queen/kitchen slave for quite a few weeks now and as you can see, my blogging duties are falling very far behind. It’s disappointing that I cannot seem to keep up with my regular “chores” along with cooking, taking care of a husband, caring for a house, blogging activities and working.

Each day, I get up an extra hour before my husband does. I get the dogs taken care of, get the coffee going, pack our lunches, make some sort of breakfast, get myself ready and fingers crossed I’ll be able to get some blogging work in.

Because it is summer time, our bowling alley has been swamped. Full of kids and families in constant need of attention. I’m talking just constant go, go, go until it hits 5:00 PM. It’s downright exhausting and after our hour and a half ride home, I immediately get dinner started before I even think about getting out of my uniform. After dinner, cleaning up, walking the dogs and tidying up the house, I plop myself down on the couch.

I’m so mentally exhausted lately that I can’t seem to sit in front of my laptop and focus on writing. It’s very frustrating and I’ll admit that I’ve cried over it a few times. Although my husband has never asked for meals or a clean house, I feel that it is my responsibility. I’m trying to maintain my previous homemaker skills along with keeping a job and it’s just not working out like I’d prefer it to. Sometimes I’ll get so caught up in everything and running around before I become not only physically exhausted, but mentally as well.

I’m not sure how women who are mom’s with a full time career can keep up with everything. I just don’t think I could do it all, so kudos to ya’ll!

Yesterday when we got home, I decided to make myself some toast. As I was walking around getting things done like normal, my puppy, Snoopy decided to jump and take the piece of bread from my hand that was at my side. I immediately burst into tears. Kevin felt so bad and jumped up to make me another piece. It’s quite funny looking back on it and we both came to the realization that my unreasonable outburst was brought on by exhaustion.

Instead of putting everything on my shoulders and telling myself I need to get it all done NOW, I have decided to space everything out. To not look at our bathroom that needs to be cleaned, and get upset because I let it get out of hand in the first place. To not look at the sink full of dishes and feel my blood boil because I never got to it the night before. To not get really frustrated with myself when I realize that I left our lunches at home when we’re starving at work.

I let all those little things pile up and I start to feel useless when I can’t remember or get to everything exactly when I feel it should get done. I realized that it was me who was putting all this pressure on myself for getting things done when I would constantly apologize to my husband for a messy house or having to go out to eat on a Tuesday instead of Friday and he would always respond with, “It doesn’t bother me, relax.”

I finally realized that I’m not being judged for what I can and cannot get done within one day. That is was my own pressure I was mentally putting on myself. That I’m the only one who gets mad when I can’t get a blog post submitted every day or that there’s been a basket of clean clothes sitting in the hamper ready to be folded for the past three days.

I have finally realized that I cannot always be “Superwoman,” and that to have a normal, semi-messy home is okay. Or having to go out to eat twice instead of once a week won’t break the bank. And that nobody cares if I take a few days off of blogging and there’s not a new post to read everyday.

I cannot always be what society deems as the perfect wife who always has dinner made, never a piece of hair out of place, who practices yoga and makes time for her everyday run, the woman who is the perfect employee and wife. But you know what? I am all of those things, just not all of the time at the same time, and that is okay.

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  1. You are a human being!! You can’t do it all, all the time. My boyfriend is 100% an optimist and when he’s tired or stressed, I feel like something is wrong and he tells me – he just can’t be the “jump around and pick everyone else up kind of guy” all the time. Sometimes you just need a break!!

    1. Truer words have never been said! He’s right, you can’t be the happy and upbeat all the time. Rest! 🙂



  2. This is so true! It’s hard to take care of your home, career, family, AND personal needs. Especially when you are transitioning into a new situation/schedule. For me it’s always really hard the first month (when my schedule changes). After that things settle down and my new routine gets established. However, I still struggle with doing things for myself such a blogging, fitness, spending time with friends, etc.

    1. It’s hard to get everything you want to get done within your own time schedule. I agree, transitioning into a new routine takes a lot of patience and grace on yourself. I like to tell myself, “It’ll all get done. Maybe not all today but it’ll all get done.” Rest easy!



  3. Great post. Really honest too. It takes a lot to realise that we cant do everything and it sounds like you do so much you deserve to have a little break. You do a great job of everything and I commend you on getting up an hour early too as that is hard to do!
    Im loving your blog so don’t worry about that because your doing an awesome job! x

  4. You’re such an inspirational woman either way! I think we’re all guilty of taking on more than we can handle and then only realising it when we get so mentally and physically bummed down. We all have this idea of being perfect but sometimes that’s difficult to do on our own!

    Sophie – eselle x

    1. Aw, thank you! Most definitely. It can be difficult especially when you want everything done NOW, but you can’t be so hard on yourself. After all, you’re only human. 🙂



  5. Of course it’s okay! Everyone knows women are superheroes in their own right, and I can bet you have your own unique set of superpowers that has everyone wondering how do you do it all?

    Sometime’s we’re so hard on ourselves, we end up turning aginst ourselves. We are our own best friend, love yourself! Give yourself a little pamper, take a little break, and get right back on your horse!


    1. Aw, I love this!! Thank you for that bit of encouragement! This is true, I think women are all superheroes in their own way. 🙂



  6. You can’t do everything, no one person can. Perfection doesn’t exist and it might be worth speaking to your husband and asking him to help out more. It’s not fair for one person to do everything and I know what it’s like when you want to be that person (I’ve been there) but many hands make light work and make for a much less stressful life too! Be kind to yourself, xx

    1. Oh definitely. He helps out when he can but I only work four days. He works five plus overtime AND he’s working on his MBA. He’s so busy I’d feel guilty for asking more out of him. You’re right though, the more hands there are the faster things can get done and it’ll lighten the load on the person who keeps up with the house. 🙂



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