Our Canadian Adventure Part 2

It’s about time I jumped on and finished out our vacation that ended December of last year. *Insert eye roll here.* Geesh, am I ever behind on my blogging roles!

So, anyways let’s pick up where we left off, shall we? If you missed my first post about our Canadian Adventure, you can read about it here.

Reminiscing over the pictures from Quebec is making me yearn for snow in March! People call me crazy, but I just don’t think I can get enough of the peacefulness that surrounds you during a snowfall,  the adorable winter clothing, or the surreal awareness that in order to cool off, you actually have to go outside. Coming from a Floridian, that’s crazy talk! 😉

Our second day there we decided to take a walk around Old Town right after a Tim Horton’s breakfast. We were told we must check out the coffee that had a name which reminded me of Dr. Seuss. Canadian’s must adore it as the line to get anything from Tim Horton’s was absolutely insane. I must say, their coffee was pretty good but Kevin, on the other hand, said he could do without their breakfast and I reluctantly agree. It’s not a place for those who are allergen sensitive as all they had I could eat was a hashbrown and while good, it was definitely not filling.

Restaurants from Quebec will always ask how many sugars and creamers you need as they put it in your coffee for you. I was not a fan. I prefer to do my own, thank you!

Our small walk turned into about a 5-hour hike which ended up getting us lost. I love adventure but when it’s 20 degrees outside and our breakfast was small, we had just about enough come 3:00 PM. Hours passed by of us walking aimlessly around an endless mountain until we noticed little snowflakes fluttering down onto our face. We stopped complaining for a minute to take in the surreal moment of complete tranquility that surrounded us. View the pictures below. 

This is the pathway we kept walking assuming some kind of civilization would come into view.

My very first time experiencing a true snowfall.


Finally we decided to turn around as we came to the conclusion that the ongoing bend would never end. On the way back I found some stairs leading up the prodigious mountain and thank goodness I found it because by this point we had walked close to ten miles which meant another ten miles home.



More snow, architecture and a church awaited us at the top. Along with people and joggers! Quebecers take their jogging seriously there. We hardly ever saw anybody who was overweight and almost every turn down a different street, we’d see a runner. Bravo to them! I feel like my lungs would freeze off. 😉


As tired as we were, we kept on exploring because the phenomenal buildings, quaint churches, empty fountains and heaps of snow kept us wanting more. 

Kevin and I have only seen a fraction of the world compared to most people, but I can say with what little experience I have, one of the best things you can do on a trip is to get lost. Every trip we’ve been on, we’ve “accidently” gotten lost but ironically, we have the BEST time during those few hours of confusion to our whereabouts. Never follow the beaten path. I can say from experience, not having a plan for a vacation is the absolute best. It definitely goes against my OCD-like nature but once you get used to it, it’s amazing. You’ll discover new things, you’ll meet new people, find things tourists are missing out on, and in all seriousness, being lost with your favorite person is one of the best adventures you’ll ever go on. Kevin and I have shared many experiences and I’ll never have the time to write them all but trust me on this one, put the map down and just go. You won’t regret it. 🙂



To be continued…


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