But Our Hearts Are Here

Originally my next post was going to be a continuation of our Canadian adventure but since then, we have had more important things come our way that I want everyone to be aware of. I’m probably going to start crying throughout this post as a certain decision Kevin and I have made impacts our entire lives but I’ll do my best to make it without too much emotion. No guarantees but I’ll try. 😉

It all happened on the eve of a really big fight Kevin and I had. (Yes, blissful Mrs. and Mr. aren’t ALWAYS happy with each other.)  The start of our married life was extremely stressful. Kevin’s health problems put a huge strain on our relationship. So much so that we both agreed we unintentionally skipped the “honeymoon” phase and jumped right into life. Since then plenty of things have happened but luckily our love for each other has proved itself this past year because instead of tearing each other down, we instead learned to lean on each other.

Moving forward, on the eve of our fight after we had calmed down and said our sorry’s, I told Kevin that I felt like 2017 is going to be different for us. I’m not sure why, but I just think it will. Little did I know our whole lives were about to change. That following morning Kevin gets a call about a job offer.

One of his friends from the bowling alley Kevin and I first met, referred Kevin to the opening. Now, there are a few problems with this job opening:

  1. We have to move to Texas. It’s not like I hate Texas but it’s never been a state that I was ever drawn to. Neither of us have ever wanted to go there, but nevertheless, that’s where the job is.
  2. Kevin loves Winter Garden Bowl (his current job). We love the people, the owners, and the customers have grown to know us so leaving them would be hard as well. 
  3. Orlando is our home. I know I tend to bash Florida but regardless, this place is our home, our hearts are here. Both of us were born and raised…Florida natives all the way! 
  4. ALL of our family lives in Orlando. I live 45 minutes from my parents and I have the privilege of seeing my Grammie once a week as well.  All of that goes out the window. No more grocery shopping with my mom on Friday’s, no more casual phone calls of, “Hey, whatcha doing, wanna get lunch?” Thank you Lord for technology but still, nothing beats a dinner made by my mom.  And….cue the water works. 

I’m not going to make this very long as I cannot keep writing on this topic. Moral of the story is Kevin received a job offer in Texas that we, with careful decision, have decided to take. It was a very emotional, tiresome, and well-thought out decision. We hope it won’t be permanent but still, we don’t know what God has in store.

While there will be plenty of two hour plane trips back home, it’s extremely sad, slightly depressing, and all my days are filled with tears. I have always wanted to move but now that the time is here, I just don’t want to go. We leave in less than three weeks and I haven’t even begun to start packing. Guess I should get on that!

While we’ve had our ups and downs like any family usually does, I have an awesome relationship with my family and the thought of moving away from them is absolutely heartwrenching. *continued tears* 

Anyways…I can’t keep going so please pray for us that this will be a good move. My dear friend said to consider it an adventure! Every time I want to bawl my eyes out, I think of her words. I try to remember how badly I wanted to abandon Florida and I keep reminding myself that this could very well be temporary.

Have you ever had to relocate for a job? Tell me all about it! Have any tips, tricks or kind words of encouragement? Please comment below. 🙂

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  1. How exciting! So where in Texas? I went to college in Austin,lived in Houston for a bit and still have great friends there. San Antonio is beautiful, but big! Go with an open heart and you will love it!

    1. We’re going to be going to Lewisville, Texas which is right outside of Dallas! I love hearing that you’ve been there before and that you loved it! 🙂 I’m so nervous but I love hearing positive things about Texas.



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