Blogging Blues

I’ve been dying to sit down and write a post for weeks now, but lately there’s always something that has been holding me back. For awhile there I was stuck. I didn’t know what to write about or how to approach my writing. I was becoming discouraged in that I didn’t feel like my writing was up to par and I was realizing that my blog was becoming just a huge hodgepodge of randomness. For somebody who loves organization and order, that just wasn’t going to fly so I took a break to settle in and regain my thoughts in hopes of moving forward with a new mindset.

Ever since we moved to Texas I’ve got some sort of up and down mental thing going on. Homesickness? Maybe, I don’t know. Call it whatever you like but some days it takes a lot of effort to get things done. As if getting up at 6:00AM with my husband isn’t’ hard enough, add in some, “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life” or “What’s my purpose in life?” and you’ve got a recipe for a mental disaster with a side of emotional heartbreak.

I’ve found a lot of joy through blogging.  Whether I deemed my writing accurate or not, I thoroughly enjoyed typing out my thoughts, meal plans, wife duties, travel plans, cleaning ideas, etc. And now I just feel stuck or as I prefer to say, I’ve got the blogging blues. I have a few ideas written down and things I must add to my blog but I haven’t regained that drive of making time to sit down and write a few hours a day like I normally would have done.

Let’s play catch up before I tell you all about our Texas adventures. I have been working pretty close to full time being a virtual assistant to a few clients and that has taken up a lot of my time. It’s great because I really enjoy the extra paycheck and freedom, but the job requires hours of sitting at a desk staring at a screen so by the time I clock out I no longer feel like typing away at my keyboard for another four hours or so. A valid excuse don’t you think? 😉

I have started a new exercise plan that I have surprisingly stuck to for a few months now and I intend to keep that going. I have polished my meal planning skills and overall I would say I’m much less stressed here than when I was in Orlando. Ooo, and we finally have insurance! So dentist, chiropractor and doctor visits have all been in order. It may not be fun but it has been a much-needed necessity.

We definitely feel better, like we’re headed in an all new direction and it’s been insanely refreshing. One of the downsides of working from home and having a husband who works a ton is that it makes for a lonely wife. But we expected that he’d be working more, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Rather grateful that I have a husband who works and I must say, he works hard for us.

Even though it’s been extremely tough, this entire move has been a great decision. We can do things we couldn’t do while we were in Florida. We both have agreed that Texas isn’t our forever home, but it definitely is where we’re supposed to be for the time being.

Anyways, enough “blues” talk, let’s move forward. Work has slowed down recently which would be the reason as to why I’m writing posts in the middle of a weekday. This means I’ll be gathering my thoughts and hopefully, I’ll be back to publishing on a regular basis.

For those of you who actually read my blog, thank you! I’m finding that I’m gaining new followers every week even though I haven’t been posting. You guys are awesome! Thank you for that.

What’s something you’d like for me to blog about? What gives you inspiration to write? What kind of “blues” are you currently tackling? I’d love to know more about you so please comment down below! 🙂

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