A Very Blissful Spa Day

This past Thursday one of my closest friends called me up to ask if I’d be okay with a trip to the spa. I actually told her on the phone that it was as if God had sent her to give me the opportunity for some relief. The day she called I was in no mood to talk to anybody, but nevertheless, I’m glad I answered. Massages and getting my nails done have been added to the category of “luxury” and since we’ve been saving money for a Europe trip, I decided those luxurious things are to be pushed to the back burner.

Lately my shoulders have been unnecessarily tight from all the stress we’re under so I was very thankful that my friend had called to say she set me up for a massage. She had a gift certificate and instead of using all the money on herself, she selflessly decided to bring somebody and I’m forever grateful.  The certificate was for Rosen Shingle Creek. Is it sad that I graduated from Rosen College and I’ve never actually been in their hotel? Yes, it’s sad. And might I add, it’s a BEAUTIFUL hotel. I felt like I wasn’t “rich enough” to be walking on the imaginary red carpets which my mind lead me to believe they were there underneath my feet leading into the hotel. Click here to see some pictures of Rosen Shingle Creek. 

My friend got a full body scrub/wrap combined with coconut and citrus, I received a very relaxing massage and we both got our nails done in pretty shades of pinks and purples. The ladies who did our nails were quite the chatter boxes and they thoroughly enjoyed our company  so much that they gave us giant hugs on our way out. Everybody is SUPER nice. Below is a bunch of pictures I took so you guys could get an idea of what the Rosen Shingle Creek Spa looks like.


Peaceful waiting room. 


Mixed nuts and assorted fruit was a welcoming refreshment.


Hot tea, danishes and chocolate covered strawberries made up a delicious aroma that spread throughout the waiting room.


This is where all the lockers are. We each were given a key that would lock and unlock the lockers by simply holding the card up to the lock. VERY fancy.


Even the bathrooms were nice! Everything you could ever want was readily available for you to use. It was wonderful.


I’ve never had the luxury of using a dressing room as nice as they had there. After soaking in the hot tub, it was extremely tempting to take a nap on that bench. 😉


It was so clean and had this undeniably cozy feel. I felt so at home that I eventually ended up walking around barefoot. 


We spent about an hour getting in and out of this perfect 104 temperature water. We chit-chatted and got caught up on each other’s lives while soaking up the tranquility that this place gave.

Okay, I’m going to give you guys a little tip. If you by chance happen to visit this lovely spa, and you’re a Florida resident or Rosen student, they will give you discounts! Because I went to Rosen for my education, my manicure and massage was 50% off! And because we were Florida residents, the receptionist gave us an additional 10% off! Due to our awesome discounts, my friend had over $100 left on her gift card so we took our happy selves down to get some lunch and mimosas. To top everything off we STILL had enough money after lunch so we got some coffee and muffins to go! I would say, it was quite a blissful spa day!


Christiane and I at lunch with our mimosas!

Have you ever been to a spa? Which one? Were you able to get discounts! Don’t be shy, inform me of your frugal spa day ways. 🙂

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    1. Aw, I miss getting pedi’s! 🙁 Back when I didn’t have responsibilities I used to get them about once a month. But then I grew up and you know, the bills started rolling in. I must say, I’ve gotten really good at giving myself pedi’s. 😀

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