An Exciting Twist To An Ordinary Beach Day

I’m not sure what it is about the beach that takes our worries away. Personally the beach is one of my favorite places to go if I’m looking to reconnect with God. Lately the hubs and I have been going every weekend. Not only is it free (besides the gas) but it’s considered to be one of the most serene and relaxing places you can visit. We should be counting our blessings more often than not that we are surrounded by water and that it takes less than an hour to visit this masterpiece of pure tranquility.


It’s not that crystal clear, perfectly blue, Bahama water that’s for sure, but the crashing of the waves makes everything seem so peaceful. Soaking up the warmth from the sun, the feeling of my toes in the sand, the cool breeze, and the waves that continuously kiss the shore. Ahhhhh. I don’t know about you, but it does something for my soul. It makes me feel happier, I feel at peace.

Kevin enjoys it because it takes him away from reality even if it’s just for a few hours. We’ve been going every weekend, sometimes even twice a week to help subside our stress and worries.


This past weekend was different though. As we were laying out in the sun we did some calculations. Kevin and I have put ourselves on a strict budget in hopes that we will be able to take a vacation by the end of this year or the beginning of next. We planned on going on a cruise, but instead Kevin came up with the idea of us going to Europe. As of right now, airfare is quite cheap and we thought it would be pretty amazing if we could have a honeymoon do-over.

We sat there in the sand and did calculations for quite some time. I looked up prices and packages that seemed more affordable. With the help of my part time job, it seemed as if we were going to be able to take a week and visit Europe!

I must say, I am SO excited. However, this is just an idea that we are bouncing around so alas, it is not set in stone. But regardless, just the fact that we might be able to go, get’s me seriously excited for the near future. I’m in the midst of planning, pricing, and narrowing down the abundance of places we want to visit.

It’s looking like the girl who is full of wanderlust just might be so much closer to tasting the excitement of visiting a new country and her sob story just might indeed become a blissful story after all.



The Grand Place

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    1. Right?! Besides the springs, the beach is the only thing that I truly enjoy about Florida. Thank you! I’m very excited to see our dreams unfold as well 🙂

  1. Love this pictures and yes there is something magical about the beach!
    It’s awesome that you guys are taking a honey moon do over! Can’t wait to see where! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much for continuously taking time to visit my blog. You’re the sweetest! I must say, I am looking forward to it even though it’s all still up in the air. 🙂 *hugs* Have a great weekend!



  2. BOY do I wish that we lived closer to the beach! Being in Nebraska has its perks, but also its disadvantages. 🙁 A spontaneous afternoon trip to the beach seems so foreign to me! Never take it for granted that you have that luxury!

    1. Nebraska, boy oh boy, I have never even been there. Ya’ll get snow though! I’ve never seen snow besides a few flurries. I’d rather live there than Florida. *sigh* I guess we always want what we can’t have, yeah? But yes, I need to count our blessings that we live so close to the beach that it’s nothing to head over there for the day. 🙂

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