About Me


I suppose if you’ve never been to this site or have no idea who I am, you’d like to know a little bit about me.

  1. I am a housewife/homemaker/lady of the house for an amazing husband
  2. We own a female Pitt Bull named Lady and a male Toy Maltese named Snoopy
  3. We live in a two bedroom, two bath cozy condo that I’m currently “fixing up”
  4. My passion in life is horses, everything about them makes my heart melt. Been obsessed since preschool.
  5. I was homeschooled from prek-12th grade
  6. I have a Bachelors Degree in Event Management from Rosen aka UCF
  7. As far as age goes, well I was born in 92 so you figure it out
  8. I have a recently found love for cooking
  9. I have so many allergies both food and environmental you’d think I should live in a bubble
  10. I was born and raised in Florida
  11. In the past, I’ve wanted to be a Nutritionist, Wedding Planner, Veterinarian, Make Up Artist, and a Home Decorator
  12. Since I was 12 I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom and anything else was just plan B
  13. I have my mom to thank for teaching me the homemaking ways and my dad for pushing me to get my degree just so I have something I can fall back on
  14. My toenails are always painted
  15. I have the best younger brother
  16. I LOVE traveling and love the idea of living in a different state
  17. I am a Christian and follower of Christ
  18. Cherry Coke Zero and Green Tea with Stevia are my favorite non alcoholic drinks
  19. My favorite alcoholic drinks are Angry Orchard (or any cider for that matter) and Castello Del Poggio
  20. Being fit is a new thing I’m being dedicated to
  21. Jogging is something I’ve always loved to do
  22. Yoga is very difficult. Nevertheless I’m learning!
  23. I love board games
  24. My favorite color is turquoise
  25. Because of Hubby, I’m learning to enjoy football and no longer call the field goal a hoop
  26. I’m not a fan of laying on the beach, I’d much rather sit in a hot tub while it snows
  27. Speaking of snow, I’ve only seen flurries but dream of the day I can make a snowman
  28. I used to want four kids, but now I think we’ll see how many I want after the first
  29. My favorite restaurant is anything Mexican or Olive Garden
  30. I’ve worked at Chick-fil-a, a drug testing place, at a fancy hotel, and in a luxurious bowling alley, but nothing compares to nurturing our home, taking care of the dogs, and focusing my energy on my hardworking husband